Senator Jose Peralta has been at the forefront of fighting for better quality of life issues for his constituents. He led the charge in the efforts to clean up Roosevelt Avenue with the goal of transforming it into the New Times Square. He has been fighting to guarantee affordable housing units in the Willets Point redevelopment project and throughout his district. Jose Peralta has been working tirelessly for the betterment of the communities he serves.


Senator Peralta authored legislation, “Chica, Chica Cards,” to crack down on prostitution, especially in Jackson Heights and Corona, making the distribution of these obscene graphic cards a misdemeanor. Senator Peralta also launched efforts to take back Roosevelt Avenue from pimps and other criminals, making it a cleaner and better place to shop and do business, a place for families to enjoy.

In addition, he introduced a bill calling to reclassify sex trafficking as a violent felony and to increase the minimum jail sentence to five years. Senator Peralta has been integral in efforts to combat identity theft, cyber crime and ATM skimming.

Senator Peralta was fundamental in helping pass the groundbreaking 15-bill package Domestic Violence bill aimed at increasing safety and improve services for survivors. The legislation also called to toughen penalties for the perpetrators.

Senator Jose Peralta has been outspoken about his concerns regarding recently opened homeless shelters in his district, and has fought hard to remove sex offenders from family shelters.

In relation to affordable housing, Senator Peralta has been pushing his colleagues to renew and strengthen rent regulations to protect the working and middle class, and helped to restore millions of dollars in foreclosure prevention services that are keeping Queens families in their homes.

Senator Peralta led the charge to protect consumers from shameless businesses practices. He also passed a bill requiring landlords and property sellers to provide renters and buyers with a bedbug history infestation record of the properties.

He also passed legislation that restores economic confidence and protects car buyers from being saddle with unfair practices by requiring car dealers to pay-off outstanding balances on trade-ins before selling the vehicle to a third party.

Also, he supported the New York State EPIC program, which increased the income level eligibility for residents 65 years or older to $75,000 for single and $100,000 for couples, saving them money on the cost of their prescription drugs by supplementing Medicare Part D. In addition, Senator Peralta supported the Senior Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE), offering seniors exemptions from future tax reductions.

He is pushing a bill that would help cops and prosecutors fight against identity theft rings by increasing the penalty on the manufacture and sale of forged government documents. In addition, Senator Peralta is promoting legislation to increase public health and food sanitation by requiring food trucks and pushcarts to be given a food safety letter grade, just like restaurants.

Jose Peralta also enlisted the “Men in Blue” of the Doe Fund to clean up trash, litter and graffiti throughout his district.

This year, he held a Fire Safety and Prevention Education Campaign, in collaboration with the New York Fire Department and other elected officials, in response to the horrific tragedy that left three people dead in a New Year’s Eve LeFrak City fire.

As his neighbors and constituents can attest, Senator Peralta has been a very active member of the community. He continues to lead several annual events, including his Toy Drive; Coat Drive; Turkey Drive; Job Fair; African-American History and Heritage; Hispanic Heritage; Women’s History Month; and Back to School Supplies Drive.